Panda Tian Tian Expecting, Says Edinburgh Zoo

The news broke today that Panda Tian Tian is expecting a cub! The giant Panda, is displaying signs of pregnancy and all tests have suggested so.

If the news is confirmed this will be the first ever giant Panda to be born in the UK!

Read more about the news on the BBC article below

Visitors to next years Edinburgh Festival may have another attraction to visit at the Edinburgh Zoo.

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The Edinburgh Festival is now in full swing, the streets are vibrantly full of exciting sights and sounds. The main spectacle of the festival is of course the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

2014-08-02 23.20.32

The procession features military personal and acts from all over the world. Gillian and Jess from our Edinburgh office attended on Saturday night, the photo’s don’t do justice to how thoroughly they enjoyed the experience.

2014-08-02 23.50.45

The Tattoo runs throughout the month of august and ends each night with a glittering display of fireworks that lights up the Edinburgh night skyline and can be viewed across the city.

2014-08-03 00.09.46

If you haven’t had the chance to take in the Royal Edinburgh Military you really should!

Airport to Apartments, just like that!

YP tram stop






For all our clients arriving in Edinburgh from now – did you know you can catch the tram from Edinburgh Airport to the City? This is the ideal transport for city hotels. If you are staying at our York Place Apartments or Rodney Street Apartments you can get off at the York Pl stop just a five minute walk from the York Place apartments and a 15 minute walk from Rodney Street Apartments

Edinburgh Trams – Destination York Place

As Edinburgh Trams start with magnificent attendances on day 1 (31 May 2014) we look at it from differing views as we are residents of Edinburgh and have therefore endured all the difficulties of the development period, but as a business we are delighted that the trams finish in the City Centre at York Place where our luxury apartments are located making it a great service and experience for all our clients arriving at the Airport.

The article in the Evening News on 2 June 2014 seems to say whilst its been a difficult period for the City the trams really need to be embraced, which as a business we will do so wholeheartedly!

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